Application Form Tips

Congratulations on selecting a career path in Early Childhood Education. It is an important and rewarding field. The following steps are to assist you in completing the Application Form. To avoid any unnecessary delays, please read the steps and form carefully before completing.

Steps to completing the form:

Read through all sections form before you begin filling the form in. Page one of the application provides an explanation of each of the sections.

Section A

If you are a new applicant to UBC, you will not have a student number, so don’t fill that section, nor the information pertaining to ‘last attendance at UBC’. You will get a student number once you are admitted.

Section B

Complete and provide any required supporting documents.

Section C

Select Diploma

Section D

Select either Winter (September) or Winter 2 (January) as there is not a summer start in this stream. These terms indicate the term in which you begin your program.

Section E

Some applicants may have K-12 teaching experience. If you do not have K-12 teaching experience indicate No.

  • Select Diploma and then in Specialization write EYED. (Early Years Education) – do not select Teacher Updating.
  • For Early Years Applicants (this is you): Check either or both of the boxes for I wish to complete the 48 credits for the BC ECE Basic Cert, 3 credits Assistant.

Section F

Academic History. Include all your post-secondary education and submit transcripts for all the institutions you include in this area.

* If you do not have third-year standing from an accredited post-secondary institution, please also complete the Supplementary Application Information Form. And you must meet the UBC English Language Admission Standard (ELAS) requirements for demonstrating a minimum level of English language competency.

Section G

Complete if applicable.

Section H

Read and sign and submit in person, email, or fax. Do not email the payment form.