ECED Executive


  • Provide academic oversight of program academic matters such as staffing, curriculum, admissions;
  • Assure the academic integrity of the program;
  • Provide financial and management oversight regarding budgetary issues;
  • Identify needs, problems, and solutions related to ECED program curriculum, courses and graduate student matters;
  • Review curriculum proposals; course revisions; course schedules; peer reviews of teaching, and student evaluation of teaching data;
  • Provide academic oversight in administration of admissions and student progress;
  • Make recommendations and participate in design of advertisements for new positions and instructional hiring.
  • Help support connections with Faculty of Education Departments and School of Kinesiology with the Early Childhood Education programs.

Staff Support

  • The Manager and Senior Program Assistant provide Staff Support to the ECED Executive Committee.


  • ECED Director (Chair)
  • CECER Director
  • A representative from each Faculty of Education Department and School (ECPS, LLED, EDCP, EDST, KIN)
  • ECED Undergraduate Programs Representative
  • Assistant Dean, PDCE
  • Graduate Student Representative
  • Representatives from ECED professional community, including relevant Ministries
  • Faculty of Education Director of Graduate Studies (Ex Officio)
  • ECED Senior Program Assistant (Ex Officio)
  • Faculty Wide Program Manager (Ex Officio)

Frequency of Meetings

  • Monthly from October 2020 until January 2021; then, a minimum of twice per term and once in summer if needed.