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ECE Graduate Students Conference


Mark the date! On April 17, Thur 4:30 - 7:00, IECER will host its 4th annual ECE Graduate Students Mini Conference. More.


Early Years Education Diploma Off Campus

The off-campus Diploma in Early Years Education is desiged to fit the needs of working teachers and early childhood professionals who are interested in enriching their practices and deepening their knowledge about the education of children ages 4-9. Classes take place on 6 Saturdays per term at a location off campus (Richmond, BC). Registration is ongoing. More Info



IECER Summer Institute

IECER Summer Institute ECED 480B/565D (July 9 - 18, 2014) Venturing outside of the early childhood classroom walls will explore the current interest in Nature Kindergartens, Forest Schools, and other outdoor programs for young children (more). 

IDSC Summer Institute

IDSC Summer Institute ECED 380B/565I (July 2 8, 2014): Prematurity: Childhood outcomes and effective family interventions for behaviour and mental health. An overview of the literature on prematurity and attachment will be given and interventions for a variety of ‘at-risk’ conditions from the time of discharge through to school age will be covered (more). 

12th Annual Assessment Workshop

Assessing Assessment Best Practice and New Research: A one day conference about assessment and young children (UBC Campus) MORE




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