Course Listings

To view courses in upcoming sessions, please check the UBC Course Schedule.

Projected Graduate Schedule & Recommended Sequence

The schedule includes all core ECED-required graduate courses and ECED-sponsored graduate electives offered on a regular basis by program: MA and MEd on campus; MEd online. Other electives should be explored with the student and their advisor together. All courses are dependent on adequate enrollment numbers.

Information for Online Courses

Canvas Online Learning Platform

Canvas is UBC’s primary learning management system for delivering online course content. Learn more about Canvas with these Canvas tips from the ETS office.

Best Practices

  • Before the start of term, log into Canvas (, view your course and read information provided by the instructor. If you do not see the course in Canvas, please contact us at
  • Check that UBC addresses are on your e-mail “safe” list (i.e., not going into ‘Spam’ or ‘Trash’) as UBC is not responsible for re-sending returned message or for the consequences of a message not received.
  • Once term starts, routinely check your email or Canvas for communication from your instructor. Most instructors will reach out to students a few days before the term starts or on the day of. In the exceptional event that you have not received any communication from your instructor after the first few days of the term, please contact us at


Students are responsible for managing their registration. Each term, students can add, drop or change courses on the Student Service Centre (SSC) Portal in accordance with UBC’s withdrawal deadlines (see

Please note, non-participation in Canvas and/or deleting your name from the Canvas course site does not constitute withdrawal from a course. Official withdrawal must be done via SSC.



Due to the demand for our courses we have a waitlist for classes that are full. Please sign up for the waitlist section of the course.

Please be aware of the following provisions impacting ECED waitlists:

  1. Registration for a course is blocked once all sections of that course in that term are full. Once blocked, students will be prevented from registering and should register for the corresponding waitlist section (please note, there is one wait list section per course as opposed to one per section).
  2. Waitlists work on a priority basis; if seats become available, priority will be given to students registered in the following programs: 1st – ECED MA/MEd (subject to seat availability for graduate students in a given section), all DEDU/Certificate, Arts Minor in in Education – Early Childhood Education, 2nd – Unclassified, Visiting, 3rd - BEd, BSc Kinesiology (3rd and 4th year), 4th – 3rd and 4th year from any faculty/program, 5th – 2nd and 1st year from any faculty/program. Any additional remaining seats will be assigned to students by order in which they registered.
  3. Students will be moved into the course from the waitlist as seats become available. Please note, students will be moved into the first available section without consideration for instructor preferences, etc.
  4. Students are responsible for checking the SSC to confirm/validate registration. If a student has been moved to a course from a waitlist and no longer wishes to be in the course they are responsible for removing themselves from the appropriate section in advance of any withdrawal deadlines.
  5. Waitlists will be monitored on a routine basis. If you see a space available in a blocked course this means that students have not yet been moved that day or that someone has dropped the course after students were moved that day. In the latter case, the seat(s) will be assigned on the next possible day.
  6. In most cases, waitlists will continue to be active and monitored only for the first part of the term. In the case of the Winter terms, they will be active and monitored until the end of the first Friday of the term. In the case of Summer terms, they will be active and monitored until the end of the second day of the term.

If you have questions, please contact