ECED Minor

Bachelor of Arts with a Minor in Education, Early Childhood Education Specialization

The Minor in Education with a specialization in Early Childhood Education is a program that consists of 30 credits, 18 of which are drawn from specified core Early Childhood Education courses and 12 of which are drawn from supportive courses from the Faculty of Arts at the 300-400 level.

The Early Childhood Education stream trains students to critically examine theoretical frameworks, approaches and issues related to early childhood education. By learning strategies to assess and support the needs of young children and their families, students can engage with opportunities in childhood research, health organizations, social agencies and public school systems.

Please note: The minor does not qualify students to be certified as Early Childhood Educators (ECEs). However, it may be possible to apply coursework towards completion of the BC ECE Basic Certificate program which results in eligibility for certification as an ECE. Contact Early Childhood Education at for more information.

Program of Study Credits
Core courses (required) 18
ECED 400 | Introduction to Early Childhood Education and Care 3
ECED 401 | Supporting Young Children’s Health and Well-Being in Early Childhood Settings 3
ECED 406 | Early Learning Curriculum in the Pre-School Years 3
ECED 407 | Supporting Early Learning in the Pre-School Years 3
ECED 420 | History of Early Childhood Education 3
ECED 421 | Supporting Young Children Through Home, School, and Community Relationships 3
Arts 300-400 Level Electives* 12
Total 30

* Arts supportive elective courses must be chosen in consultation with Arts Advising, preferably prior to declaration. See the Faculty of Arts website for more information.

ECED Minor Inquiries

Arts Academic Advising
Phone: 604.822.4028
Location: Buchanan D111