ECED 421: Supporting Young Children Through Home, School and Community Relationships

Course Outline (Online 3.0 credits)


  • There is no exam
  • Online topic discussion forum based on readings and websites responses
  • Examining Your Community
  • Analyzing Programs or Resources
  • Final Assignment is a Research Paper

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Philosophy, history and problems of the parent-teacher partnership; development of effective cooperation through individual parent-teacher conferences and parent-group discussions; and examination of community services and inter-professional relationships on behalf of children.

ECED 421 is a core course for a Minor in Education – Early Childhood Education, the Diploma in Early Years Education, and the BC ECE Basic Certificate Program. This online course is an elective for the Certificate in Early Years Education.


  • Describe the significance of family-school-community links in the education of children and the benefits to the larger community.
  • Describe effective, respectful parental involvement and how this kind of involvement fits within public education systems.
  • Identify potential challenges to building effective school, family and community partnerships.
  • Describe the history, theoretical underpinnings and evolution of parental involvement in North America and Europe.
  • Critically analyze various models of school, family and community programs.
  • Develop a set of principles based upon current research and theory on how to build school, family and community relations.


This course is offered online on Canvas –

1 What Defines a Family?
2 Roles Parents Play
3 Diversity of Experience
4 What is Family Involvement?
5 Benefits of Partnerships
6 Potential Barriers to Partnerships
7 Informal Communication with Families
8 Family Conferences
9 Families in the Classroom
10 Parent Education
11 It Takes a Village
12 Working With Families from Diverse Backgrounds
13 Working with Families in Particular Circumstances

Related articles and readings for each week are provided in the course modules which are accessible through the online Library Course Reserve in the Course.


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  • Gestwicki, Carol. Home, School & Community Relations Ninth Edition. Cengage Learning, 2015.  ISBN: 9781305089013


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