BC ECE Basic Certificate

Certification by the BC Ministry of Children and Family Development provides students with a basic foundation of the knowledge and skills needed to work in early childhood educational settings (ages birth to 5 years).

Graduates from this program can work as Early Childhood Educators once they apply for and are granted a certificate from the ECE Registry in the Ministry of Children and Family Development.

The first cohort in this program began in September 2018. Members of this and future cohorts will follow a standard course schedule over 32 months.

Please Note: The BC ECE Basic certificate is specific to ECED professionals practicing in the province of British Columbia only, and may not meet inter-provincial or international requirements. It is up to the individual to contact the specific Early Childhood Education credentialing body in the location where they wish to work to determine if this program meets their needs.

Students in the BC ECE Basic Certificate program will also complete the requirements to graduate with a Diploma in Early Years Education (EYED).

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The Program

39 credits (13 courses) of prescribed online courses and 9 credits of on-site practicum (48 credits total). Most practica will take place in the Lower Mainland. Once students are admitted, they can discuss with their advisor the potential for a rural or non-Lower Mainland practicum. The program will take approximately 32 months to complete.

This 32-month part-time program has been designed to accommodate working students. Note, students may opt to expedite the program with a full-time schedule to complete the program earlier (minimum completion time is 16 months).

Below is a sample course schedule; course order may vary.

Term Course 1 Course 2 Practicum
1 ECED 400 EPSE 406 N/A
2 ECED 401 ECED 407 N/A
3 ECED 421 ECED 438 N/A
4 ECED 405A ECED 406 Practicum ECED 490 (90 hours)
5 ECED 442 EPSE 348 N/A
6 ECED 420 LLED 441 N/A
7 ECED 439 N/A Practicum ECED 491 (140 hours)
8 N/A N/A Practicum ECED 495 (195 hours)

Program Fees

Tuition fees for Education undergraduate programs are found in the UBC Calendar: Post-baccalaureate Tuition. The information below is subject to change, and only information in the UBC Calendar is official.

Application fee (non-refundable):

Domestic (Canadian citizen, Permanent Resident): $ 71.75 CAD
International: $ 108.00 CAD

Domestic Tuition (cost per credit: $204.41, paid on a course-by-course basis):

13 Online courses (3-credits per course): $ 7,971.99 CAD
3 On-Site practicums (9 credits total): $ 1,839.69 CAD

International Tuition (cost per credit: $882.54, paid on a course-by-course basis):

13 Online courses (3-credits per course): $ 34,419.06 CAD
3 On-Site practicums (9 credits total): $ 7,942.86 CAD

Additional fees:

Distance Education Administration Fees
Student fees do not apply when taking only online courses; instead, there is a non-refundable distance education administrative fee of $53.25 CAD per course. This fee does not apply to practica.

Distance education administration fees for 13 Online courses: $ 692.25‬ CAD

Criminal Records Check Fee
All individuals in the Faculty of Education who will be working with students and/or vulnerable adults are required to complete a criminal records check through the Faculty of Education.

Criminal Records Check Fee (payable upon admission to program): $ 45.00‬ CAD

Student Accident Practicum Insurance Fee
All students in the BC ECE Basic Certificate program are required to opt-in for UBC Student Accident Insurance.

Student Accident Practicum Insurance Fee (payable at the start of each academic year that the student will participate in practicum(s)): $ 7.00‬ CAD

Fees are in Canadian dollars, are reviewed annually by the UBC Board of Governors, and are subject to change (typically 2% in May of each year).

Admission Requirements

Find out more about the BC ECE Basic Certificate admission requirements.

How to Apply

Find out everything you need to know about how to apply to the BC ECE Basic Certificate.


Attention International Applicants:


  1. Please be advised that this program is NOT eligible for a Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) since this is a distance learning program. If you are interested in working in Canada after completing your studies, you may apply to an academic program on the post-secondary level that is designed with at least 8 months of full-time study in Canada and leads to a certificate, diploma or degree, so that you will be eligible for a PGWP.
  2. As a distance education program, the program is NOT eligible for a Study Permit. However, since the program has three practicum courses which are required to be done in person at BC-licensed early childcare centers, you must apply for a study permit for the time period that you will be in Canada. Please follow the instructions in the tutorial on how to apply for an initial study permit in the UBC International Student Guide. There is no guarantee your application for study permit will be approved, however, a well-prepared application with good organization of all the required documents are the key for success.
  3. You will also need to apply for a co-op work permit for your practicum. You can apply for a co-op work permit together with your study permit application.