Join us for Earth Talks: An Eco-Printing & Soundscapes Workshop on July 23, 2024

Tuesday, July 23, 2024 | 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm | Online via Zoom

Drs Iris Berger, Sarah Henessey and Kelly-Ann MacAlpine are hosting an online workshop, Earth Talks: An Eco-Printing and Soundscapes Workshop, in collaboration with the Co-imagining Better Futures with Children in Early Childhood Communities project and ECED 565: Climate Childhoods.

The workshop will feature local artist, Rachel Foster. In this arts-based virtual workshop, Rachel will discuss her own artistic practice and guide you on different techniques for creating your own eco-analogue material at home. Join us as we explore the concepts of biocultural memories and birdsong mapping, and how we can create approachable artistic narratives to communicate climate change issues.

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About Rachel Foster

Rachel’s artistic work serves as a response to the decline in wildlife populations across the globe, a crisis driven by human activities such as habitat fragmentation, industrial expansion, and resource extraction. Through a multi-disciplinary approach using biological elements – like mammal skulls, sonograms, soil, textiles, and raindrops – she aims to construct an immersive ecological narrative to bring attention to human-caused ecosystem decline.