Students in the BC ECE Basic Certificate Program will take part in three practica held at BC-licensed early childcare centres:

Criminal Record Checks

UBC is subject to the requirements of the Criminal Records Review Act (CRRA), which means that all students who are enrolled in programs that include a practicum component involving work with children or vulnerable adults will have to undergo a criminal record check before they will be permitted to register in the practicum. The CRRA Check must be carried out by the Criminal Record Review Program (CRRP) through UBC. See Criminal Record Checks, Office of the University Counsel, for more information.

If you are found to present a risk of physical or sexual abuse to children, or physical, sexual or financial abuse to vulnerable adults, as a result of the CRRA Check, you will not be permitted to register in the practicum. As practicum is required for this program, this means that you would not be able to complete the program and you may not graduate. Therefore, you should consider this requirement carefully before applying to, or continuing in, this program.

Upon admission to the BC ECE Basic Certificate program, all students should apply for a Criminal Record Check as soon as possible:

Practicum Guidelines and Procedures

The following documents provide important information about practicum for the student, Faculty Advisor, and practicum site ECE Mentor:

  • ECE Practicum Guidelines 2019
    This document provides an overview of practicum, including expectations and guidelines for students, Faculty Advisors, and practicum site ECE Mentors.
  • ECE Protocol and Procedure for Investigating and Responding to Alleged Unprofessional Conduct 2019
  • Allegations of unprofessional conduct may come to the Early Childhood Education Program in the Faculty of Education from the observations of its faculty or students, from the staff of Early Childhood Education settings where students are placed on practicum, or from third parties. This document details the protocol and procedures for investigating and responding to any such allegations.